Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Jan Bones

One of the most popular hands on classes this year was Jan Bones -- teaching how to make lingerie.

Jan is a great teacher -- and we could have filled this class five times...

Jan is from Canada -- and during the show, we joked about the Olympics, who was beating who, etc.

On Sunday afternoon, thinking she was living in the Expo bubble and wouldn't have heard any real "news" -- I stopped at her booth and said, "sorry about the hockey game, Jan -- I know how seriously you Canadians take your hockey..."

My plan was to tell her the US beat Canada by a score of 17 to 0.

However, like ALL CANADIANS EVERYWHERE -- that final hockey game was being piped directly into her Bluetooth...

You've gotta admit, Jan -- IT WOULDA BEEN FUNNY!!

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