Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Day AFTER the Show

Every now and then -- something REALLY special happens and you just know you were meant to be there...right at that moment in time...

Mary and I were hoping to spend a little time with our friend Gail Brown the day after the show.
We made some tentative plans, even though her daughter Bette was expecting her first baby at any moment...

And THE BABY WAS BORN SUNDAY NIGHT!! So -- on Monday -- we had the pleasure of welcoming a new little girl into the world. It was such a thrill to go to the hospital and see Bette (who, as a child, helped Mary work in her Expo booth) -- and her beautiful mother Gail (in this photo, I'm taking a picture of Gail taking a picture...)

Beautiful little Emme is perfect...and has landed in a nice soft place...and it was such a joy for Mary & I to meet her on her very first official day...

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  1. Can sure relate to the Newborn-baby-girl-joy. We had two new granddaughters in January for a total of four now. Hard to leave them to go to Puyallup, but the show must go on!