Friday, March 5, 2010

Joleen & Claire

Okay, okay -- I'M BACK. As it turns out, I am addicted to blogging. I've already written about six blogs (then, I set them to publish automatically). So, for now, I'm going back to a daily schedule on this personal blog...and you NEVER know what I decide to write about...

It is ALWAYS REWARDING for me to actually be able to MEET a young person who enjoys sewing. In this case, Jolene and her daughter Clare (notice I'm spelling their names every which way -- hoping to get it right sooner or later...)

They ALSO got to meet two of my most favorite bloggers -- Jan Potter and Bonne Swett! They attended their "two girlfriends, two fabrics, two challenge" show on Thursday. And I HOPE CLARE IS IN THE GAME -- right??

Jan (mother of the Hey Rita tote) and Bonne invited Claire to participate next year -- and it'll be fun to see what their challenge is, eh?

Altho -- relax, girls. I'M GIVING EVERYBODY THE NEXT MONTH OFF. Really. Take a little sewing break...

We worked so hard -- we earned it, don't you think??

P.S. -- No, I did not make this jacket. It's a Koos jacket I bought at the Goodwill store for $2.38. No kidding. Silk. Amazing bargain...


  1. That's a good picture of you, Rita. You look great.

  2. OMG! Look at how thin you are!!! I love you and best wishes to you!


  3. Take a month off?! From sewing?!

    I'm so inspired from the EXPO that I want to start all kinds of projects!

    BYW...thanks to your blogs, I was better prepared for (and excitedly anticipated) this year's EXPO. I will NEVER miss a future one!