Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Nancy's Sewing Weekend

Mary and I get to pack our bags once again -- for Nancy's Sewing Weekend!! yippee kayee. For more information -- go to the website: Nancy's Notions

It's a 25th anniversary celebration, and they have LOTS of special stuff planned...Mary and I will actually be taking a bus tour TO THE LOCAL GOODWILL STORE...

CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?? We'll kick off with a little presentation of some of OUR recent treasures....tell them how to recognize a cashmere sweater...then we'll all get on the bus and go treasure hunting together -- then, LUNCH!! wow...who knew?? what a great job I have...

AND we'll show them what the possibilities are!! Like -- MY fabulous sweater from Etsy artist Jill. Who lives right in Wisconsin!! Maybe she'll come see me in her creation!! AND, of course, I have some GREAT pictures of Lillian in her new little sweater-coat.

One brand new project I'm hoping to have READY for Nancy's Sewing Weekend are the little baby shoes. Oh-My-Goodness -- they are sooo cute. My test pair had a turquoise ultra-suede sole, a zebra striped back, and a wild abstract print for the shoe top. Do you know what a tiny bit of fabric it takes to make these shoes? Really...I can get a shoe sole out of ONE old leather glove, for example....



  1. Fabulous sweater coat. Would like to see bigger pictures.

  2. Jill, my Etsy Sweater Artist -- is always posting NEW projects. Check out her page -- she does beautiful photography!

  3. OMG it's that pink sweater with the black sequins. It still exists :-)
    You know, we do have a Good Will, Salvation Army, and St. Vincent dePaul all within a mile of Pacific Fabrics here in Puyallup :-)
    Laura in Puyallup