Tuesday, March 16, 2010


After a very long, long winter...suddenly -- TODAY IT'S SPRING!!

The crocuses are blooming. Always our FIRST SIGN. Stunning yellow and purple.

Cash spent the day with me -- and we took a walk in the yard. Looking for other blooming things. Mostly, there was just the crocuses...but we did have a good time chasing our HUGE SHADOWS on this bright sunny day...

The biggest treat of our first beautiful spring day -- I GOT TO HANG MY SHEETS OUT ON THE LINE!!

I hang my sheets out even during the winter... But this winter was just too intense. The snow and ice defeated me...and I've been putting my sheets in the clothes dryer...UGH...

SO THIS DAY IS SUCH A TREAT...walking outside with my little nephew, Cash...50 degree temperatures, squishy wet yard as the snow disappears completely.

It was a long winter....but NOW -- the changing of the seasons....I LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT. Reason enough to stay in the Midwest, eh?

Ah, yes, life is good...maybe the trick is to remember about the ying and the yang. The highs and the lows. The winter and the spring...then, be grateful for the little things....

and the little people...


  1. The daffodils are blooming in Puyallup! Seems like I have more this year than last year. Looks like some of my tulips may be blooming within the week. My dogwood tree is gorgeous right now, but the wind has caused a lot of petals to fall already.
    Lovely spring!
    Laura in Puyallup