Friday, March 19, 2010

Adventures & memories

When it comes to buying gifts for other people -- I'm no good at it. For one thing, I march to my own drummer when it comes to the matter of "taste"...and my boys will both tell you that I have often given them the same gift three years in a row. (suitcases...I think...)

When my boys were growing up, I planned (for them and my nieces and nephews) "birthday surprises". One time, I set up a surprise paintball war for Elliott's birthday. Ross got an actual flying lesson (cheaper at the time than a pair of sneakers)...Toby & Cory got juggling lessons...I took Nicole to see Sarah Brightman in concert...

Rather than spend money on gifts (which nobody needs or appreciates) -- I am a BIG FAN of "outings" or "special events". I believe that time spent doing something together is the stuff real memories are made of.

Every community has interesting events happening for little or no cost. High schools put on great plays in the spring. The local community college often runs neighborhood, historical or mansion tours (especially during the holiday season). I am very blessed where I live. ..

On a recent Saturday, my cousin Kim called and said, "do you want to see the Air Force Brass Band tonight?"

Without hesitation, I said, "WHAT TIME?"

The concert was free -- at St. Ambrose University. The room was packed. The music was awesome. We both stood up when they played the Army song (her son Matt, and my son Elliott have both served)...They played Amazing Grace --of course, I cried...

Through the years -- Kim and I have enjoyed MANY we are in an old Christmas shot....
not too long ago, we went to New York City...AGAIN...the best meal I ever ate in my life was with Kim at Tavern on the Green...

I'm just sayin...take a look around. Maybe somebody you care about could use a little adventure this week.


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