Saturday, March 6, 2010

Daily Style Shows -- Behind the Scenes

We have more GARMENT FASHION STYLE SHOWS than any consumer show in America. FIVE DIFFERENT SHOWS EVERY DAY. With Special NOONER events!! (while the professional models allegedly eat lunch)

And we really do appreciate the fact that every year McCall's (Butterick & Vogue) sends us their best new stuff -- and Simplicity as well. Linda Lee & Louise Cutting did a great job with their Personal Style Puzzle, the IPCA (Independent Pattern Company Alliance) was a very exciting show this year -- and Sandra Betzina and Marcy Tilton decided to "take Vogue Outside the box".

HEY -- IT TAKES A VILLAGE. There is sooo much work that goes on behind the scenes. If we're doing it right -- you WOULD NEVER KNOW. But the best thing about this blog thing is that I have the opportunity to TELL YOU some of what happens. Here's a picture of the "behind the Expo Runway" area...before it gets all crazy...

This is a picture of the first day -- right before the Simplicity Style Show. This is a picture of the "models", along with Judy Raymond and Deborah Kreiling from Simplicity -- and Mary Collen (in the pastel pink jacket). Mary is the Style Show Manager -- and she is the only reason we can have five and six shows EVERY SINGLE DAY. She lines it all up -- has every show on her laptop -- plans their rehearsals, oversees the model fittings -- she is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G...

Here's another picture -- this time, with the "dressers". (again, Mary Collen in the pink jacket). It is VERY IMPRESSIVE how these shows go together. Every model (in the first shot) has a dresser (in the second shot). Without the dressers -- the models could never do the quick changes that are required. The dressers help them get into and out of their outfits, then carefully hang everyhing up on the correct rack -- so it'll be ready for the NEXT DAY.

Amazingly, these fabulous, professional fashion shows are COMPLETELY FREE. No kidding. They go off without a hitch -- because our crew makes it look easy -- BUT IT IS NOT is a TON OF WORK...

AND we'd like to say -- THANK-YOU, TEAM..!!

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