Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bonnie and Barb!!

One of my favorite pictures -- this is from last summer -- when I treated myself to a "Day Trip Adventure" to Galesburg, Illinois to visit with Bonnie Brittain (who now lives in Seattle) -- but comes to visit her twin sister Barb every summer. MANY YEARS AGO -- Barb lived in Iowa and was a sewing teacher at my store -- "Rita's Sew Fun".

Bonnie hasn't changed a bit. Neither has her twin sister, Barb. Here they are, in Barb's back yard -- displaying a small portion of the pillowcase baby dresses Bonnie was creating...

Her I am with the twins again -- Barb flew ALL THE WAY OUT TO SEATTLE -- to attend the show with Bonnie! Here they are, surprising me on Friday!! I am only sorry we didn't have time for a LONGER VISIT. It was Barb's first visit to EXPO -- hey -- HOW WAS IT, BABE??

Since they both claim to READ THIS BLOG -- we'll see, eh?? I'm waiting for one of them to write and remind me of the name of their friend....I've gotta start writing this stuff down...

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