Friday, March 12, 2010

Diana and Whitney at Expo

Here's the email I received AFTER the show -- Whitney was coming up from Reno to go to the show with her Grandma. As soon as I find the picture of the TWO of them -- I'll post it. Remember Whitney? She coined the phrase, "sewing paradise"...I LOVE IT...

Diana wrote: Whitney was inspired by you when she went to your Friday night live show.
The next day we were eating lunch when she saw a women buying a zebra
fabric. She said "Oh.... Look there is zebra fabric. That women must be
toning something down with zebra stripes... maybe she will even add T-shirt
fringe!! And... Make it reversible! "

Later she said " You know that zebra fabric we saw today? Maybe that women
could add ponytail holders!! " we laughed so hard we started crying. Then
she said " Why don't we get the zebra fabric and make a tank top with
T-shirt fringe, make it reversible, add a ponytail holder, and tone it down
with zebra stripes!! " ... So, we did! She was totally inspired by you and
Expo. And here's some pictures to prove it!

Diana Lindsley & Whitney Richard

YOU ARE MY KIND OF GIRL, WHITNEY! thanks for coming to our sewing paradise and playing our t-shirt/zebra-stripe/pony-tail holder GAMES..!


  1. ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!! Bonne & Jan

  2. Expo's in her blood! Grandma Diana is one of our frequent Yahoo bloggers.
    Love it when the kids are inspired!
    Laura in Puyallup