Friday, June 29, 2018

Weekend Sewing Retreat

The most reliable, seldom-miss-a-Tuesday members of the TMBC are me, my cousin Linda K., and her cousins on the other side, Linda P. and Sandy. Although we love it when Jackie joins us, and Sharalan comes (when she's not snow-birding) -- most weeks, it is the four of us at Tuesday Morning Breakfast Club.
Sandy, me, Linda P. and Linda K.
We love our "usual Tuesdays" -- which is breakfast at the local Hy-Vee, and a complete download of our respective weeks. But -- we LOVE AN EVENT. And since we all have Featherweights -- packing up to go to the library once a month for an all-day sew-a-thon is a huge pleasure for all of us.
LP laid out her Graduation t-shirt quilts there...
They gave me a surprise birthday party...
Sandy was working on a Row by Row
Linda had a collage project...
My Splendid Sampler quilt project has been going on for two years now...
We SO ENJOY our day-retreats -- we've decided to RAMP IT UP. This weekend, we are going to spend two days and an overnight at "Our Lady of the Prairie" Retreat Center in Wheatland, Iowa.

We are packing up an overnight bag, our Featherweights, and our various projects...and OFF WE GO -- TO SEW IN OUR PAJAMAS..!!
I'm not sure who's bringing the wine...but IT SHOULD BE FUN..!!

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