Friday, June 8, 2018

Happy Birthday, Jackie!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JACKIE..!! The best thing about this blog is that I can send Birthday Wishes FAR AWAY on exactly the right date!! (unlike snail mail cards -- which are so unpredictable...and must be purchased and sent days in advance).

It was easy for me to look back at some pictures and find fun moments for you to RELIVE today. 

We were having fun together long before I started taking pictures, Jackie. I wish I had some of us when we were little...growing up on our respective Iowa farms. To us, the five of you were always "Wayne's Girls".

Then, raising our boys.....the trips we took.  Remember Biltmore?  The GREAT LINEN AUCTION in Aurora, Minnesota??  Puyallup...SewExpo....Boston? Of course -- New York City!! I can still see us, standing on the track at Penn Station, waiting for a train that never came....And then -- you, on the train, struggling with that enormous bag...saying, "I'm just a little woman, Rita..."

Honestly...I'm laughing out loud as I write it.!!

Painting my house...putting plastic bags on our feet so we could splatter paint all over the porch floor. Now -- THAT WAS A GOOD TIME, babe..!!

There have been many good times -- Seattle -- Chicago...Thanks for all of them. And on this special day -- I'm looking forward to MANY MORE!!


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