Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Library Sew-Ins...


I AM THRILLED that the TMBC has settled into a schedule of once-a-month-all-day-sew-ins at our local library. The Bettendorf Library has several big meeting rooms upstairs that they rent out (for $5 a day). We've been in all of them at this point...
On this day, we were in the Malrose Conference room.  It had one large table...and many comfortable office chairs. Yep. We can make this work.
I was working on another shop apron out of Ross's old blue jeans.
When I am sewing, I make the biggest mess you can imagine.
I had about three different areas covered with scraps, projects-in-progress,and things to cut out.
I was also restyling a pair of jeans for myself
Although, they were NOT QUITE big enough -- so I added a red stripe up one side.
I was doing a reverse-applique -- with sewing motif fabrics.
Pretty cute, eh?
I was also fringing a pair of cut-off shorts for Lilly
But I decided to steal one of her cuffs for my own jeans.
Linda worked on her quilt project - and the next week, at TMBC, she brought it ALL LAID OUT.
She had some extra-curricular help from Sandy -- who went to her house to do the pin-basting. AND, in her spare time, Sandy finished the project she started at the library..
Oh, yeah...Nike was right. There is a huge benefit to JUST DOING IT.

When you know YOU'RE GOING TO HAVE AN ENTIRE DAY of put together projects in your head. And maybe throw things in a laundry basket...preparing for THE DAY.

There is HUGE BENEFIT to getting together with your friends...and JUST SEWING...

At the end of the month, we have set up an OVERNIGHT Sewing Retreat at a local retreat center.  It's run by a very interesting group of Catholic Nuns...and they'll be cooking our food, too.  It's out in the middle of nowhere...and WE ARE EXCITED..!!

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