Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Summer Road Trips

Here's the thing. If you're doing it right -- life is about finding things you enjoy. And then, doing those things whenever possible. Sex might be a good example of that. Or, come to think of it, I should go with the I-love-to-sew example instead.
Some people enjoy camping -- and they look forward to summer so they can do it every weekend. That's not my thing...(I'd rather light my hair on fire and put it out with a hammer).

Recently, a reader sent me an email and said she believes I've spent more time BLOGGING about New York City than I actually spent being there. She could be right. Obviously, I love taking new people to New York, and I go there every chance I get.

But -- here's the thing -- PEOPLE ARE ALL DIFFERENT. What brings joy to one person would be another person's nightmare.

It seems to me there are two simple steps that make life worth living. First -- FIGURE OUT WHAT BRINGS YOU JOY. Second -- MAKE THAT THING A REGULAR PART OF YOUR LIFE.

I've been giving this a lot of thought because of Grandma Camp. Lilly is 9 and Warren is 5. And part of my mission this summer is to expose them to different things. They both love swimming...and that's great. But who knows? Maybe classical music will be Warren's thing. (although, right now, it's all about Katy Perry).

Lilly loves music, that's for sure. But she's also very artistic...and she's always working on some crafty/artistic project. This weekend, we bought a frame for the zentangle she made (starting with tracing her hand)...we plan to paint the roller shades in their room.

Hey -- Grandma Camp is a good time for ME TO DO SOMETHING I ENJOY...and maybe expose the kids to something that could become a joyful element of their life..and -- many years from now...when they DO IT -- they think of me.


We live in Iowa -- there are so many places for me to daytrip with the kids. I'm going to put together a list, we'll look at some maps, pick a location, make our plans.
I think two hours in the car is my goal.  (unless we spend the night -- and hey -- they LOVE hotels)...
I-80 has WONDERFUL rest areas.
This one is just 30 miles away -- it's on my way to Iowa City
The rest rooms are SPOTLESS. Really...we're sooo lucky...
AND -- of course, since Lilly is interested in art -- it might be time for her to learn about Iowa's favorite son...
This incredible Grant Wood stained glass window is in Cedar Rapids
Several years ago, my friend Anne gave me (and Sue) a tour of all things Grand Wood (Cedar Rapids is his home town).
He lived and worked in Cedar Rapids -- and there's a museum there...
Yes. 2018 Grandma Camp Mission: ROAD TRIPS...

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