Friday, June 15, 2018

It's time for STRAWBERRIES..!!

So many of the best traditions in life revolve around food. Every special occasion has it's own food reward, y'know? Birthday cake, Christmas cookies..  But maybe the BEST FOOD TRADITIONS are those that come with the seasons.

It started here about a month ago.  SPRING means morel mushrooms and fresh asparagus from the garden....

And -- one of my favorites?? STRAWBERRIES. Who doesn't love FRESH PICKED STRAWBERRIES..??!!

On this day, we had the strawberries, but no time to bake shortcake. NO WORRIES...I am prepared for just such an occasion...
Homemade waffles out of the freezer!!
We toasted the waffles...added a scoop of ice cream, and the fresh berries.
Lilly did the assembly of our DELICIOUS, but simple dessert.
Cool whip (DUH!).
Lilly's final touch was a few berries on top...
It's a very good thing to have an emergency dessert in your culinary filebox...

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