Saturday, June 2, 2018

2018 Grandma Camp: Day One

So, on DAY ONE of our 2018 Grandma Camp -- Emily brought the kids over and we compared our calendars. They're both signed up for two sessions of swimming lessons....and there are also several weeks of day camps at Scott County Park.

I'll have Lilly one day, and Warren on a different day. Then, they'll both spend the night on Fridays. I have a BIG LIST of Saturday -- hey --


On the first day of Grandma Camp, we mostly stayed at the house.  They played outside with Frank, and rode their bikes, and we cleaned up the yard.  Lilly made a list, and we went into town.  Library, grocery store, Wendy's (they have 50 cent Frosty's)...and a visit to my friend Valerie (who is in a rehab center, recovering from knee surgery).

It was a busy day -- and every day of Grandma Camp has at least ONE GOOD DEED.  On this day, delivering a chocolate frosty to Val was our official good deed.  Lilly sang two Hamilton songs for her (and her roommate) -- and I'm always afraid that will be the LAST time I hear her sing.

But, she remembered every word...and it's okay with me that she's over Alexander...He had a really good run.
On our way home -- we stopped to visit a friend...
Warren was disappointed nobody was home...
The main activity was to BUILD A FORT.
After their baths, the kids settled into the fort to eat popcorn and watch some television...
Oh, yeah, 2018 Grandma Camp is off TO A GREAT START..!!

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  1. Grandma camp is an awesome idea! I should start one too! Thanks for sharing.