Monday, June 11, 2018


It was our last night in New York City -- we had spent most of our money -- and it was really nice to have something FREE to do. I don't think we had high expectations for this event...but I figured we'd at least see a different neighborhood.

But isn't that always the way?? When you are LEAST expecting it...something just a.m.a.z.i.n.g comes along...

We ate our Pommes Frites. The Player's Theater was right across the street. And we are ready for MONDAY NIGHT MAGIC...!!

It's an old-time NYC theater. Small and cramped...
Our seats were up towards the front.  (THIS gets important later)
There were five or six magicians on the bill that night. And most of them ask for a "volunteer" from the audience. If you're like me -- you ALWAYS wonder. Is that person really just a random person from the audience?

This was a FIRST CLASS show. Even the opening acts were terrific...and I had NO IDEA how they did those tricks.

After the first hour, there was an intermission when the magicians did close-up magic with audience members.
Even when they were doing their tricks RIGHT IN FRONT of your nose -- it was really MAGIC...

During the second half, one of the headline performers was Shawn Farquhar from Canada.

His website says:

Shawn has been entertaining audiences around the globe for over two decades. His magic has been seen on Television shows like the X-Files and Highlander, in Motion Pictures like Spooky House and the Fly II, for corporate clients like IBM and Konica, and on the most luxurious cruise vessels such as Norwegian Star and Radiance of the Seas.

Shawn offers a fast paced, audience participation experience that will draw everyone into an evening of entertainment you will not soon forget. As a two-time world champion of magic, Shawn knows the right blend of magic and comedy to make your guests have fun.

The Canadian Association of Magicians awarded Shawn the MAGICIAN OF THE YEAR in 2003 and 2010, the Pacific Coast Association of Magicians awarded him the GRAND PRIX D’HONNEUR, the International Brotherhood of Magicians awarded him both STAGE MAGICIAN and SLEIGHT OF HAND MAGICIAN OF THE YEAR, making him the ONLY magician in history to win BOTH world championships and the Olympics of Magic in Beijing, China awarded him the highest award in magic, the GRAND PRIX WORLD CHAMPION OF MAGIC in 2009!

Shawn Farquar is the only magician who's been on the Penn and Teller show -- and fooled them TWICE.!!
And the answer to that burning question? YES, HE JUST PICKS RANDOM PEOPLE FROM THE AUDIENCE..!!

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