Thursday, December 1, 2016


HOLY COW -- is that what it's going to be like this year??

Since I got back from Fat Camp, I've been so busy CATCHING UP with my regular life -- I haven't had a chance to write my usual blogs...and I AM MISSING IT..!!

Last night, both Lilly and Warren came here at 3:00 so they could finish bringing up the Christmas Decorations. Lilly set the table with our plastic Snowman dishes...and helped roll out the crust for a homemade pot pie (leftover turkey).

John, Ross, me and the two kids sat at the table and had a delightful supper...then, it was non-stop activity until the two of them fell into bed about 9:00. Grandma Rita was not far behind them...

Today, I have Warren all day.Then, at 3:00, I'll pick Lilly up from school. I'll also be getting Memphis, Ronda's granddaughter. We will be taking the two of them to a Christmas Adventure.


The first time I did this with Lilly was in 2012...and I took my three grand-nephews...

Remember how excited Lilly used to be about every activity I planned??

She actually DID like the graham cracker gingerbread house making.

Cale is a senior now...a talented musician, a terrific young man...gee...I'm getting all teary here...

Last night, as the kids were getting out the Christmas stuff -- one of Warren's trains needed new batteries. Grandpa said, "batteries don't last forever, bud..."

Lilly piped up and said, "Only memories do..."

I hope she's right.

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