Thursday, December 8, 2016

Libraries ROCK..!!

If you are somebody's Grandma -- TAKE THEM TO THE LIBRARY!!  And at this time of year, they go out of their way to have lots of HOLIDAY EVENTS FOR KIDS!!

Warren and Lilly love going to the library...and we are very fortunate to have many wonderful choices.   I am on the email list for the Davenport library, as well as the Bettendorf library, the LeClaire library, the Eldridge, Iowa library...and, of course, our very own small town Princeton, Iowa library.

Each location has their advantages. Bettendorf is a beautiful building with an incredible HUGE collection of children's books, DVD's, activities,  play areas, etc. Davenport has a lot of events for youth -- like a jigsaw puzzle competition this weekend, and LeClaire is only ten minutes from my house, and they have a very well attended Story Hour every Friday morning.

Warren spends one day a week at my house -- and he gets tired of the toys at my house.
If I say, "do you want to go to the library?" -- he SQUEALS with delight!!
And he is right at home at three different libraries...these pictures are last week at the LeClaire library.
He LOVES their big train board set-up.
It's a gorgeous of the reading rooms has a working fireplace!!
I sit in a comfortable chair and read some newspapers while Warren plays....
He will be four years old soon...I cannot believe how fast he's growing up.
He is the SWEETEST little boy.  He brings nothing but JOY to the party, every single day.
Of course, the best thing about the Princeton Library is that it's only 2 minutes from my house. On Wednesday, when we pick Lilly up from school, we often stop in at the library. They walk in and Dawn greets them with, "Hello, Lilly -- how are you, Warren?"  The kids smile and say, "Hi, Dawn."

 And isn't that the real benefit of living in a small town?

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