Thursday, December 29, 2016

Sewing Christmas

Every week at TMBC, we do a Sew and Tell. This was going on long before the Splendid Sampler people came along. And, occasionally, we still do sew something other than 6" quilt squares.

 I couldn't post this earlier, because the gifts in question were on their way to Texas and I didn't want to ruin any surprises...but it's just TOO MUCH FUN.
It involves our avid sewing enthusiast -- Linda P.  She has twin girls, and therefore, has been sewing TWO VERSIONS OF EVERY SQUARE...for almost a year now.
So it is quite remarkable that she has time for ANY OTHER KIND OF SEWING -- much less a gift of this massive proportion...LP is on her way to daughter Kim's house in Texas. Kim has three children. Daughter Whitney from Illinois will be joining them. Whitney has four children. (all teenagers).  The entire family loves the Harry Potter books and movies -- and their Christmas in Texas has a theme.

Hogwarts, of course...

SO OF COURSE GRAMMY made everybody their own personalized reversible placemat...
Harry Potter fabric on one side...
Kim is a librarian...
One of the boys plays basketball
wears a bowtie?
Loves music?
Graduated from Iowa State?
Yes, it's a big job. This Sewing Christmas thing...
But there isn't a better feeling in the world, is there??

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