Friday, December 23, 2016

Frankensewing: My YMCA Tote

This is one of those Frankensewing projects I am always so pleased to share...

Last week, I explained how my VERY LARGE TOWEL doesn't fit into any regular totebag. It's kind of embarrassing, actually...

But I SOLVED the problem by adding an extended bottom to an existing totebag.

The bag was a freebie, with a pharmaceutical logo on the pocket. The black words are just a t-shirt I cut up and basically ironed on the existing outside pocket.
Of course, I had to take my new extended tote to TMBC for sew-and-tell.
The real magic happened when I cut open the bottom of the bag...and added 8" of cotton zebra fabric to each side.
I had the PERFECT t-shirt to cover the pocket.
And I added an outside gusset to give the bottom some shape.
So now there's PLENTY OF ROOM in my new totebag for my super-size bathtowel.

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