Monday, December 19, 2016

Monday Fitness Report

So far, so good.

Last week, I sent a report to Conn (remember my ex-Marine personal trainer?) -- and he is delighted with my progress. He always says the same thing -- KEEP MOVING, RITA...

On the day I arrived at Fat Camp, Conn did the initial assessment/interview. When he asked me what I do in a normal day, I said, "I am a writer...and mostly, I work on a laptop, sitting in my Lazy Boy recliner. I sit in that chair for about 10 hours each day."

He looked up at me and said, "no, really -- what kind of activities do you do each day?"

I replied, "that's it, Conn.  I didn't come all this way to spend all this money and lie to you...I SIT IN A CHAIR FOR AT LEAST 10 HOURS EVERY DAY."


When I got back to Iowa, I joined the YMCA.  My insurance carrier participates in the Silver Sneakers program -- and MAYBE YOURS DOES, TOO.  I wasn't even aware of this before I went to Fat Camp.  And shame on me for not taking advantage of it sooner.

But hey -- you've gotta start from where you're standing, right?

Silver Sneakers pays for my gym membership -- and I am free to go to as many classes as I want.

I CHOOSE WATER AEROBICS..!!  I love it, love it, love it...

I go at least twice a week, and I'm walking on my treadmill another two days a week.

Me and Conn -- after a week at CFS, Weight Crafters in Maderia Beach, Florida
It doesn't seem possible that just a month ago -- I was Florida...pushing the RESET button on my life...
And now I'm Iowa, hoping to keep it going...
Doing the best I can...with temps of 10 degrees BELOW zero...
The activity that stays the same is me getting into a swimming pool...but there's a WORLD OF DIFFERENCE between there and here.

I love both places...but IT IS AN ADJUSTMENT, that's for sure!!

P.S. I may not always put up the number -- because you know I DON'T WANT THIS TO BE ABOUT THAT. But this morning, I got on the scale and it said 275.6. That means I lost 4 pounds last week...WHICH IS FRICKING AMAZING. Wow.

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