Saturday, December 17, 2016

Warren's Boo-Boo

Ahh...if you are a regular reader of this blog, you probably think my time with Lilly and Warren is always sweetness and light. Constant Grandma adventures with nothing but Steak and Shake moments...There is plenty of that, for sure -- but with little kids, things go wrong in an INSTANT.

Last month, Warren was playing in Lilly's room.  She wanted him out, and slammed the door -- not knowing his thumb was in the hinge side of the door.

Holy Cow...blood everywhere....lots of was AWFUL. Elliott called me, and I went to their house to stay with Lilly (who was hysterical)...while they took Warren to the Emergency Room.

Of course, the four hour ER visit was the WORST part of Warren's nightmare. And he was lucky, of course, very lucky...but he probably will lose his thumbnail.
And keeping a bandage on an active 3 year old is quite a challenge!
Luckily, Warren is right handed, so the big bandage doesn't stop him from doing anything important...baking...
Coloring...legos, trains, building, cooking, running...he's a VERY BUSY BOY.
When he's here, Uncle Ross, R.N., gets to put on the clean bandage.
Warren adores Lilly -- and it is quite mutual.
Most of the time, Lilly loves playing with her little brother, and I know she feels lucky to have him in her life.   Of course, he wants to do everything she does, and he works on her nerves, like ALL LITTLE BROTHERS...but the night of the accident, she was crying so hard, it broke my heart.  She sobbed, "I am a monster, I will never forgive myself..."

Honestly -- I don't know who suffered more that night...Warren or Lilly.

Nobody gets through life without some mishaps...and I believe everything that goes wrong is a lesson...but I'm just saying -- with little kids -- things can go wrong IN A BLINK OF AN EYE.

Last Saturday, during a family party at my nephew's house, the kids were outside playing in the new snow -- and five year old Oliver fell into a window well and broke his arm.


Be careful, people!!  IT'S A JUNGLE OUT THERE...

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  1. Poor Warren and Lily. I caught my fingers in a door once and lost a nail. Hurt like #*!!. And I did accidently catch my brother's hand in the car door as a kid.