Saturday, December 10, 2016

My First 2016 Holiday Lunch

It was the Saturday AFTER Thanksgiving, and my cousin Linda brought her crew out to my house for lunch.  I wasn't yet unpacked from my Florida I decided the KISS rule applied.  (Keep It Simple, Stupid)...

So I made soup...(out of the freezer)
Ross took a picture...
Linda (LK) and her Mom -- my Aunt Ada.
Linda's son, Danny, visiting from California -- and his daughter Ally, from Atlanta.
John and Karl always share their "I-was-in-the-Navy-on-submarines-stories"...
The ladies adjourned to the puzzle table...
Aunt Ada putting in THE LAST PIECE!! (she was bizarrely thrilled)
Frankie thought they did a great job!
I got a bag of bean soup out of the freezer -- and extended it with some extra ham, a can of beans and a jar of salsa. Then, I made a big pot of Italian Wedding soup. Along with some crusty Italian Garlic was a cold day, and soup was the perfect thing.

Everybody doctor's up soup to their own taste -- WHICH IS REALLY THE BEST THING ABOUT's a link to a great Italian Wedding soup recipe to start with: Italian Wedding Soup From The Food Network

But I always start the soup by sauteing some onions and celery, which is not part of this recipe...feel free to put your own spin on it!!  Giada stirs in some egg, right at the end...and that can be good, too.

I LOVE this soup because when the little meatballs are poached, they are very soft...and the spinach and orzo are the perfect combination.

 Don't forget to have Parmesan cheese to sprinkle on top!!

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