Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Figge Museum Gingerbread Event

This Grandma is LOVING CHRISTMAS. Holy Cow -- these two kids are the exact right age, and every day is full of some fun, even magical activity. I have a lot of things planned this year -- but it will be hard to top the Figge Art Museum Gingerbread House event!!

They do this every year, and for $5 apiece, each person gets a cardboard tray (wrapped in foil) -- four graham crackers and a sugar cone. Then, they get an empty paper plate and walk down this gauntlet of colorful possibilities...(rather than one gigantic haul, the kids are encouraged to make several trips, after they decide what direction their house is going...)
These big trays are filled with all kinds of colorful candy, cereal, coconut...you name it!!
The frosting (glue) is already on the paper-topped tables...in ketchup bottles.  Genius!
Warren was eating most of the candy on his plate...and lining up the pretzel pieces in a row.
I invited my sister Ronda and her Granddaughter, Memphis to join us.
Warren's house was looking terrific.  (note the pretzel sidewalk).
We were the first to finish -- these three houses were SPECTACULAR...
The room was jam packed with families!
Our three kids could not have been more delighted!! (despite Lilly's fake smile)
I'm telling you -- there might be a Grandma out there who is having more Christmas fun than me. BUT I HAVEN'T MET HER!!

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