Wednesday, December 21, 2016

TMBC Christmas Party

there is always SO MUCH going on during the holiday season, it's hard to pick and choose what activities you want to take part in. But there was NO QUESTION when I saw the article about the Christmas Tea at Quarters One, the former residence of the commanding officer for the Rock Island Arsenal.


This mansion, built in 1871 by General Thomas Jackson Rodman is the second largest single residence owned by the United States government. With over 50 rooms -- it is ginormous!! (The White House is only bigger because of the attached Executive Office.)

Quarters One is no longer used as a residence, and it is very rarely open to the public.
A wikipedia photo...on the day we went, it was snowing!
LP and me (I'm taking a picture of Sandy, taking this picture of us)...
A picture from the second floor window...welcome to winter!!
Linda K, me, Linda P, and Sandy -- at the fireplace in the library.
They let us roam ALL OVER THE BUILDING -- up to the fourth floor, down in the basement.  Most rooms are empty now.  This room, with all the plain chairs in a semi-cicle looked like a 1962 AA meeting was about to start...
There is an incredible skylight -- with this open detail on all three floors.
On the banister, a bronze statue of General Rodman.  Apparently, humility was not one of his personality traits...
The TEA was fabulous -- loved the rolled spinach wraps!!
They also had scones to go with the tea.
WHAT A GREAT TIME we had!!  Sandy retired from the Rock Island Arsenal, and she had never been in some of these rooms! We knew how lucky we were on this day.
Actually -- we count ourselves as pretty lucky on ANY day!!

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