Thursday, December 22, 2016

Lilly's Christmas Treat Tins

This is the third year I helped Lilly make "treat tins". She LOVES doing this, and there are so many good lessons. She starts by making her list, so there is actual WRITING and SPELLING to be worked out, of course.

The big thing, though, is that it's about GIVING. When she is working on her list, Lilly is thinking about the people in her life who she wants to thank...
During my thrift travels throughout the year, I collect Christmas tins.  I never pay more than 50 cents. And matching the tin to the recipient is half the fun.
We look up recipes on the internet, then I read the ingredients and Lilly writes it out. 
Warren thinks sprinkles are an actual food group...
Lilly takes the cooking very seriously.
The kids rolled Oreo truffles (a Pinterest recipe)
Also from Pinterest -- Christmas trees made from coconut...dipped in white chocolate.
Yes, adding the sprinkles is clearly the best part!!
I cut the fudge into squares, and Lilly wrapped four pieces in waxed paper.
Oh, yeah...Christmas is magic!!
Lilly wrote a card for every person receiving a tin.
This year, she had more than one teacher. There are the two ladies who work in the library, and the four ladies who work in the office...and the music teacher, and the gym teacher, and the art teacher. YIKES. I didn't see this coming...we should have made more truffles...

She signed the cards, then put them in envelopes and wrote (for example): "To the Virgil Grissom Library ladies...from Lilly Farro"

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