Thursday, March 31, 2016

Still Saturday...Russian Tea Room!!

We left the Art Institute and took a short walk to the Russian Tea Room. Even though they are booked for months in advance, Mary Fons knows people
It was a beautiful day in Chicago.  And we were SO THRILLED to be going to High Tea!!
Fresh flowers right inside the door...
We were seated at a lovely table in a corner...and enjoyed a nice visit...
Lilly ordered berry tea...and we got out our Bananagrams game
We ran out of time, but Mary was clearly going to win!!
SO IMPRESSIVE, EH?? Ah, the sweets, the savories...all delicious
Especially the warm scones with creme and jam...
This was Lilly's first time for High Tea. I had it once, at the Empress Hotel on Victoria Island...
But -- really -- nothing will ever top this.

Saturday has already been JAM-PACKED, right?   You might think it was almost over....but you would be wrong...our next activity was perhaps my personal favorite of the entire weekend.


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