Monday, March 14, 2016

Housekeeping for Men

You might get the impression from this blog that here in Iowa we sew, cook, read books, visit with friends, go to children's events and hang out laundry. I write this, that is a pretty accurate impression I'm giving you.  Of MY life, that is.

But, just a mile down the road, my sister Ronda is living in a different universe.  She and her husband Dean have turned their retirement into a FULL TIME JOB.

You already know that she damn near MANUFACTURES ragged edge quilts...she is ALWAYS working on several of them at one time...

And, Dean plants such a huge garden, they have no choice but to be in the FARMER'S MARKET business.  Which they do every weekend, from asparagus through potatoes...

This large Morton building is mostly full of Dean's outdoor equipment.  Boats, fishing and hunting take up a lot of room. 
So -- why do they need this little building?  What do you think is going on in there?
Ronda, Cory and Dean -- cleaning some chickens.
But if you look up -- you'll see the REAL purpose.
It's Dean's skinning shack. Dean is an avid trapper, as was my Dad during his life. During the season, Dean walks miles every day to run his trap line. He gets muskrats, beaver, mink, racoons...and then his skins them and sells the fur. This has always been a supplement to their family income -- and they have been able to buy a vacation house in Missouri because of Dean's earnings on his trapline.

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