Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Chicago Saturday: The Art Institute

So, after our ride on the City Bus -- we arrived at The Art Institute. Because of the Van Gogh exhibit, there were hundreds of people in line on this beautiful Saturday...that long line was TWO BLOCKS LONG...
Lilly took some pictures.
Then, I took some pictures...
We only waited for five or ten minutes -- because Mary IS A MEMBER...so we got to pass up the long lines!!
And Mary knew EXACTLY what exhibits Lilly would enjoy.
At some point, they swapped outfits!!
Then we went to the Miniatures room.
Every little room is like a miniature of Downton Abbey
Lilly, messing with my camera.
She took some pictures of the Chagall window...and
She zeroed in on the Statue of Liberty (which I did not even SEE!)
Mary explained that she usually gives money to street performers.  (these two guys were drumming on 5 gallon pickle buckets)
Then, we took a short walk to our NEXT DESTINATION...

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