Monday, March 7, 2016

President's Day Pie!!

I consider cooking to be the ultimate act of homemaking.  Food is love...just the simple act of sitting down together at a table.  Setting the table, preparing the food.  It's all part of being a family.  Cooking with Lillian is one of the joys of my life. She has been standing on a stool since she was three years old....making cakes and licking the beaters.

For me, food, family and tradition all goes together.  It goes way beyond a Thanksgiving turkey.  We always have fresh pork and sauerkraut for New Year's Day; THE Farro family birthday cake is chocolate cake with peanut butter icing;  Easter is a big ham with pineapple; Elliott has crab legs and the first pesto of the year for his birthday...well, you get the picture!!

Lilly actually has FOUR aprons hanging in the kitchen.  And whenever we start to cook, she runs to the wall and says, "we need to put our aprons on, Grandma!". 
This apron has a picture of a PIE.  So, of course, it is her special PIE APRON...
We have heart shaped pie pans....HEY -- IT'S FEBRUARY!!
And, to honor President's Day -- a CHERRY PIE
And guess what?? WE HAVE A NEW THREE YEAR OLD helping us in the kitchen...
So, it's time for Lilly to be the teacher

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  1. Teaching a child something you both rewarding :-)