Monday, March 28, 2016

In The Kitchen with David Venable

Here's the thing about having Ross living here. I watch things on television that I WOULD HAVE NEVER watched. Thanks to him, I became a fan of Man Men, Sons of Anarchy, and Entourage. All series with GREAT writing, wonderful characters.

On the other hand, he also brought an obsession with The Bachelor -- and In The Kitchen with David Venable on QVC...
I NEVER would have thought I'd learn anything about cooking from a shopping channel??!!

Honestly, without Ross -- I never would have known anything about these television shows. I will spare you our Bachelor observations (even though, every Monday night, I am rolling on the floor with laughter...)

But, last week, on In The Kitchen with David Venable, I learned about a Panade. AND I REALLY MUST SHARE THIS TREASURE!!

An internet picture of a Panade!!
Here's the amazing thing about food. THERE IS ALWAYS SOME NEW DELIGHTFUL TREAT...just around the corner!! You've gotta love it, right?? I am completely amazed that I lived for all this time, and never even heard the word, much less ATE this amazing, cheesy deliciousness...!! It is THAT good...

David was showing off the QVC Le Creuset dutch ovens with a fabulous Panade. It starts like french onion soup -- sauteing and stewing a bunch of onions until they are golden and delicious, then layer the dish -- onions, stale bread, cheese, broth...repeat. Bake in the oven until it all comes together - like a delicious cheesy onion soup souffle, with bits of crispy, crunchy bread and melted cheese.


Here's a link to the recipe I used: Panade Recipe I love any excuse to get out my Dutch Oven...and I made some modifications. I left out the Swiss Chard, and I added a lot more cheese. Also, I added about 8 oz. of cooked spicy hot sausage to the beef broth...which gave it a nice kick.

We ate it so fast, I didn't get a chance to take a picture. But it really did look kinda like this...
I got lucky my first time out -- because it was DELICIOUS. I really had no clue how much broth to add in relation to the bread I used. The bread absorbs the broth, and really puffs up. I wanted it to serve like a casserole rather than a stew...and IT WAS PERFECT.

I made a huge pot, and the good news is that the leftovers were also delicious!!  (just a quick nuke, and the cheese got all pully again...YUMMO...)

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