Thursday, March 3, 2016

Mary's Church Lady Apron Fabric

The Splendid Sampler™ really is an EPIC sew along...and an EXCELLENT way to use up your stash. My friend Judy sent me this picture of her butterfly block. Judy is an experienced quilter, and has a WONDERFUL FABRIC STASH...
This one gave me trouble...I'm thinking of going to her house for a tutorial.
On the other hand, I am NOT A QUILTER -- so have no stash to work with. Which is why I decided to use Mary Mulari's fabric line, Chruch Ladie's Aprons!! IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL...
When Mary's fabric arrived, I debated about whether or not to prewash it...
I decided to JUST DO IT.
Based on some advice from Mary Fons, I cut off the corners....
Into the washing machine.
After the wash, I thought cutting the corners would keep the fraying edges minimal
But -- actually...????
Although it was quite a mess, I am glad I prewashed it. But now I think for best results, I should iron everything, using some spray starch. Because, honestly, MY BLOCKS ARE PITIFUL...


  1. I serge off the edges of everything before prewashing. And, if it's less than 1/2 yd, I hand wash it instead.

  2. Ditto what Laura said & you can make your own 'Best Press' spray with vodka.......I Googled it.....:)