Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Cheese Souffle


I am a big fan of cooking for many reasons.

First of all -- I love to eat!! (excuse Dr. Obvious)...

Secondly,  it's fun. I enjoy trying new things., and its always rewarding when something TURNS OUT BEAUTIFUL...

But the biggest reason? Like many people, I associate cooking with giving and receiving love...it's just that simple.

Which is why Lilly cooks with me. Often. And she enjoys setting the table, and picking out the napkins and napkin holders for everybody. We have our favorites, but like to try new things, too.

Recently, because John's 30 chickens are laying a lot of eggs (and his egg customers are in FLORIDA for the winter) -- and I found a souffle pan at a thrift store -- I told Lilly we were going to make our first cheese souffle.

She love cheese AND eggs...this is a solid plan, right??

I went online to find a recipe -- and settled on Ina Garten's version...it all seemed simple enough.

Lilly is eating bacon while Grandpa folds the egg whites into the cheese sauce mixture.
But the recipe I was using was not big enough for this large pan.
The aluminum foil collar ended up being unnecessary..and WAY TOO optimistic
Lilly sprinkled bacon on top.
The taste was okay. None of us were in love with the texture, tho...
Making a souffle is like making popovers -- once you master the TECHNIQUE, you would have a spectacular, impressive dish to serve company.

But we're not quite there yet...(hey, we have time.  She's only six...)

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