Thursday, June 19, 2014

A Rental Car, BBQ Chips and a Book on Tape...

If you ask me -- the most difficult thing about going on vacation is sharing a car.

We live in Iowa -- and every single person I know has their own car.  You get your first one when you're 16 years old and you never, ever stop driving.  It just isn't done.  (altho, if an Iowan turns 90 and the DMV gives them any shit -- they just move to Florida or Texas...)

So, during our Pennsylvania vacation -- a whole week of not having my own car is hard on me.  I did have ONE DAY TRIP planned.  And I was excited.  I got up early, stopped at the local WaWa convenience store for my road trip supplies...and I was OFF.  Listening to another Jack Reacher book by Lee Child.  It was an overcast day -- and the traffic around Allentown, Pennsylvania was awful -- but I just stayed in my lane and enjoyed the drive...

The trip took about two hours.  Then, I arrive at the beautiful historic little town of Clinton, New Jersey... Have you ever been there??

I don't consider myself a photographer -- but this was a beautiful picture.
There is an old mill on the edge of town...
You drive into town over this see-through low knew??
Such a quaint town Clinton, New Jersey!!
There were so many adorable shops!!
WAIT!!  A consignment shop?? LOVED MAGPIES
Perfect -- I have about 30 minutes before I meet my date...
THIS IS A PURSE, people.  And I can't believe I did NOT buy it!!  Who said I have no sales resistance....??
 After crossing the bridge, I took this picture of their iconic Red Mill...
AND -- aren't you curious about who I'm going to meet here in Clinton, New Jersey??
IT WAS SUCH AN EXCITING TRIP. If you aren't getting in your car and heading out into the world -- BY YOURSELF -- I am telling you. YOU SHOULD...


  1. Ooh, ooh, ooh!!! I bet I know who you met ;-)

  2. WOow !! rental car with a BBQ chips,AWEsome .....Long Island Limo.