Monday, May 2, 2016

Judy P.

A key to my happiness is having a special girlfriend activity to look forward to every week. To insure the success of this plan, I have a standing Tuesday Morning Book Club (aka TMBC).

Sandy, me, Jackie (now in NC), and the two Linda's. LK and LP.

Because I am such a glutton for JOY, I usually plan an additional girlfriend day for either Thursday or Friday...
These three women, Phyllis, Ronda and Judy -- were all on the original Rita's Sew Fun team. 
We get together whenever we can.  This visit was at Judy's house.  After lunch, we worked on a jigsaw puzzle.
Judy gave me a set of embroidered towels (as an anniversary gift)...
We always enjoy the tour of Judy's latest sewing projects...
On this visit, she had several baby quilts in the works...
If you're smart, you will invite Judy to your birthday parties, showers or any other gift-giving occasion.
Recently, LK and I went to Judy's house for a tutorial about the Splendid Sampler piecing...
Because Judy is such an awesome teacher -- LINDA GOT IT!!
Anyway -- Judy was my special event last week.  We had breakfast at a great little Downtown Davenport Dive...and it is always great to do a catch up.
So -- who will I be catching up with this week?? I CAN HARDLY WAIT...!!

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