Thursday, May 12, 2016

My First Poem

Since Mary Fons was our official Chicago-tour-guide in March -- I am even more in love with this, my first poem.  THANKS, Mary...

I interviewed Mary Fons last year for Inspired To Sew magazine.  So I became a huge fan and love following her blog. Her writing is just as much fun as her quilting.

Recently, she wrote about a children's book with the A is for Apple, B is for Boy letters-of-the-alphabet format. She decided to write a poem using that form, and I loved it. Her poem was called She Money: Here's the link:  recent post called She Money.

It seems so simple, but it is harder than you think...

©Rita Farro

A is for Addiction
B for Behavior
C is for Cyberspace, a stand-in for Savior
D is for Digital
E is for E-mail 
F for Friends calling, but to no avail

G is for Google
H is for Hashtags
I is for all those Instagram Douchebags.
J is for Java
K is for Keyword
L is for smartphone Love most absurd

M's for Mozilla
N is for Network
O is for Obsession — and being a jerk
P is for Pinterest
Q is for Quickbooks
R is for a million Recipes that nobody cooks

S is for Suri
T is for Texts
U’s for Ultimatums TO GIVE IT A REST!
V is for Virus
W is for Webcam
X is for Xerox (but nobody gives a dam)

Y is for You Tube, which we cannot resist
Z is for Zuckerburg, who should meet my fist.


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