Tuesday, May 17, 2016



As adults, we don't get to spend enough with one another...But we have been very lucky to enjoy some FABULOUS sister-trips....Ireland, New York City, Seattle...

Deb almost always has a smile on her face, and she is one of the hardest working people I have ever known. Her house is spotless, and you could eat off the floor of her car. (hey, mine, too!! there would a whole meal down there...old french fries, cheese curls, candy bar wrappers, etc.).

Deborah is kind, and generous, and she has a very positive view of life and people, and the world in general.
On this trip, Deb paid for ALL HER GIRLS to go to New York City!!  Her two daughters, Emily and Glennda, her daughter in law, Stacy, and her two granddaughter, Lexi and Ally.  HOLY COW...THANKS, GRANDMA DEB!!
My favorite picture of her during our trip to NYC. (I was the unofficial tour guide)
Deb, Glennda and Emily at the American Girl Cafe.
Ally (in college now) and Lexi...with their Grandma Deb.
We were waiting for Al Roker and the TODAY show.
I made sure we all USED THE SUBWAY.
AND -- our last Sister's Trips was to Puyallup, Washington for the Sewing and Stitchery Expo. WOW...DID WE HAVE FUN...

Deb is a wonderful, creative soul -- who is addicted to machine embroidery!
Barb, our faux-sister, and Deb's best friend -- meeting Simon Haskins.
They've both taken his classes before. (note his designs on their outfits)
Ronda and I are both wearing jackets Deb embroidered for us.
With the original Inspired To Sew girls, Bonne and Jan!!  SUCH A GREAT TIME...
Yes, it's a fake picture -- BUT WE WERE REALLY TIRED.
Deb with her favorite daughter in law, the beautiful Stacy (they are both addicted to purses)
ME, forcing Deb to shop at the Goodwill Store...(Lord and Taylor is much more her speed)
But -- hey -- a great denim jacket for her to embroider -- and only $3.38!!
Happy Birthday, Deb. You are the BEST...for your special day I hope you get a new purse, the latest pair of Danskos, and more TIME TO SEW!!

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