Saturday, May 21, 2016

Two outside pocket purse

Sometimes, I start to blog about a thing...but forget to finish the blog...THANKS for the reminder, Stephanie..and here's how I finished off this purse....
Remember this purse post....although it had some possibilities...I cannot abide the big flap
After I cut off the flap, I sewed a binding around the raw edge...and then sewed it onto the front of the purse (leaving the top open to create the bigger pocket).
The strap I had wasn't quite long enough, so I added an extension (using my binding fabric)
Linda used a pony tail holder (thanks, Mary Mulari) and a big button to close the larger pocket...(which was created when I sewed around the three sides of the former flap)
The smaller second pocket was already on the former flap.
THIS is the hardware that makes the strap adjustable.

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