Tuesday, May 3, 2016

My New Striped Purse

To review, my perfect purse must meet a strict set of criteria. Like:
  • Fabric, not leather...(to be lightweight)
  • Long rather than deep (hate digging)
  • Top zipper
  • Cross body strap
  • Two outside pockets (phone pocket AND key pocket)
  • No black lining.
This purse had some possibilities...although I cannot abide the big flap
It DID have the topside zipper
And -- the price was right!!
What if I carefully REMOVE the flap...??
Cut it down to size...
Then reattach to the front of the bag? IT WILL BECOME A DOUBLE POCKET!!
The only problem is I didn't get a picture of the FINISHED PURSE. I gave it to my cousin Linda (who lives by my purse rules)...and she is enjoying it. So NEXT WEEK I'LL TAKE A PICTURE...I see her every Tuesday!!

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