Saturday, April 30, 2016

My Saturdays

Rock Creek Marina is about five minutes from my house.  Lilly went to a day camp (called Bug Camp) last summer.  I've told you about their wonderful boat rides..

And they have many activities for families and children. Last week, they had a Spring Fling -- and Lilly was so excited. Warren is too small to understand what it was all about...but HE LOVED IT.
When we arrived, the woman who runs the place (Jessica) was placing a bat (which sneaked inside the building) onto a branch of a bush...
Lilly wanted an up close look at it.
This was as close as I wanted to get...
On the deck, there was a guy making animal balloons.
It was our first really warm day.
The inside activities included making beaded worms.
Warren was GREAT at that.
Lilly loved helping him.
Outside, we waited our turn to make a mini-compost station
Surprisingly -- we had the playground equipment ALL TO OURSELVES..
There was a walk across a bridge...
Lilly was being a terrific big NOBODY FELL IN THE WATER.
And, yes -- I know how lucky I am. Life just doesn't get any better than this...

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