Friday, April 29, 2016

My Marimekko

Lilly and I went directly to Target after I picked her up from Sunday School. I had talked to Mary that morning, and knew that her store was sold out of most things...and I feared we would be too late....It was almost Noon before we got there....

The parking lot was packed...
The store was decked out with Marimekko decorations.

But the big display of merchandise was all the way in the back. AND THERE WAS STILL PLENTY OF IT!!
OF COURSE, I had to get one of the huge totebags...
Initially, I put MANY THINGS in the cart -- then we called Mary to see what she wanted us to buy for her...
At the end, I bought five sets of dishtowels, two sets of napkins, one beach towel, the totebag, and a kite.
The napkins are 24" ...and I think they will become a jacket for Spring Quilt Market.
I was checking out, and the clerk said, "that will be $165.38"....and I thought Lilly was going to pass out. After we got in the car, she repeatedly asked me how much money I spent.  (Obviously, our shopping trips are usually to thrift stores, and normally, I make her choose just one 88 cent purchase...)

She KNEW this was an extraordinary day...and apparently, now that she is seven, she's figuring out the VALUE of money.  The sum of $165 seemed colossal to her.

After I said the number three times.  Yes, I spent One-Hundred-And-Sixty-Five-Dollars....she said, with a hint of mischief, "can I tell Grandpa?"

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  1. So that's what the display was I saw at Target