Saturday, April 2, 2016

One Perfect Chicago Saturday

It doesn't seem possible that it's already been two weeks since Lilly and I were in Chicago!! And, yes, it's official -- I've spent more time writing about it than I actually spent DOING IT. But, hey -- that is a huge part of the joy for me.

How could we possibly end this most perfect day??
Mary walked us a few blocks over so we could actually RIDE THE SUBWAY!!
I am so ignorant about public transportation, I didn't even know Chicago HAD a subway!!
Mary paid with her METRA card (getting one of those would have been the hard part) -- and we only waited for a few minutes...
Lilly wanted to stand up and hold on to one of the loops.
We came up to the street right at this point.
The iconic theater sign.
And, arguably, the most iconic building in the city.
MARSHALL FIELDS on State Street!!
Now Macy's, of course...
AND, with our Ritaluck,  we found a HUGE BARGAIN...

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