Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Splendid Sampler™ Wednesday

The Splendid Sampler™ Wednesday
(...skip this part if you're not new here...)

The Splendid Sampler™ is an internet sew-a-long created by Pat Sloan and Jane Davidson. It is an EPIC sew along...
  • 83 fabric designers have created specific blocks that feature different quilting techniques. (paper piecing, fused applique, etc.).
  • The blocks will be released each week, and are FREE to participants until March 2017. (at that time, they'll use the designs to publish a book).
  • You can use whatever fabric you like.
  • There will be pictures on their Facebook page, etc.
The new block designs come out twice a week....on Sunday morning and Thursday morning. I'm doing this with my TMBC...and, therefore, it is my pleasure to BLOG ABOUT IT every Wednesday.

The Splendid Sampler has CHANGED OUR TUESDAYS...and I honestly can't remember what we used to talk about before we started doing this...

LK gets so excited about sharing her blocks -- nowadays she wants to go RIGHT TO THE BLOCK SHOW AND TELL...
Sandy is completely up to date with all the blocks...three last week -- all beautifully made and neatly pinned to their companion pattern.
see what I mean??  PERFECTION...

Sandy did the two weekly blocks and a bonus block.
At this point, LP needs an assistant TO LAY OUT ALL HER NEW BLOCKS...
Count ém...yep.  That's 12 blocks in one week.  TWELVE BLOCKS...
That smile says, "Paper piecing? I KICKED YOUR ASS...!!"

My smile says...YES TO THE MARIMEKKO...!! (more about that tomorrow)
But I did manage to sew these two beautiful blocks. (with Mary Mulari's fabric!)
Weeks ago, I got an email from a blogger friend who was enjoying my Splendid Sampler Wednesdays, but felt she didn't have the time to do all the sewing. I said she shouldn't feel pressure to do every block or catch up with anybody. Just start now!!  Go back and pick the blocks that interest her...and do them whenever she felt inclined or had the time.

I suggested she take a page out of Nancy Zieman's book -- 10-20-30 Minutes To Sew.  Remember the philosophy of that wonderful book?  You can get a lot accomplished, if you just plan ahead and discover your little pockets of time...

The other day, I heard from her again -- and she is DELIGHTED with her first six blocks!!  (YOU GO, LYNN!!)

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