Monday, February 1, 2016

Copper Pot Cleaning Magic

It was the last day of Mary's visit, and we had a slow start to what was going to be a very busy day. But then -- during our oatmeal breakfast, Mary looked at the bottom of my saucepan. A classic Revere Ware, she was telling me about what the engraving meant...

And I told her how Martha Stewart taught me to clean the copper bottoms...
Make a paste out of lemon juice and salt...Martha rubbed the salt with a cut lemon. Much more elegant -- but the bottle juice worked fine.

You simply rub it around with your fingers and let it do it's work...
It happens pretty more than five minutes...
  WOW!!  This is a Rita's Sew Fun blog first.  (The first picture I've posted of adults in their pajamas..).
Look at the BEFORE (on the right) and the AFTER. Amazing, eh??
Thanks, Mary, for helping me to clean two of my copper bottom pots!! :

I still can't believe I threw you out of the car at 5:00 AM...and YOU NEVER CALLED when they cancelled your flight!!
Such a fashion statement...your dufflebags match your coat!!

P.S. February 1st -- TODAY -- is the Iowa Caucuses. Finally.

I HAVE NOT ANSWERED MY HOME PHONE IN SIX MONTHS. Yesterday, we got 37 phone calls. Yikes. It is an awful thing...

Mary snapped this picture with her I-phone...can you see what it says?.
Fingers crossed...

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