Friday, February 12, 2016

Rita's Sew Fun MM Day

After all these years, Mary's winter visits to Iowa have taken on a certain rhythm. I always plan a day with the TMBC, and a second day with the crew from Rita's Sew Fun. IT IS SO MUCH FUN to get together with these women, and see what everybody is doing, share some Sew And Tells, etc...
On this day, we hooked up at the amazing little breakfast dive in downtown Davenport -- Tommy's Cafe!!
This place MAKES THEIR OWN DOUGHNUTS...OMG...they sell out quickly!!
Mary always brings gift for the guests --
And, sometimes, she asks for their input about a new pattern she might be working on. Ronda and I both remember the aprons our Grandma Little wore.
The crossover in the back...
And, it fits women of ALL SIZES..
This is my new favorite picture of Mary.
It was fun to brainstorm ideas to name Mary's new apron pattern. Mary knows better than anybody how important a name can be. Her most popular pattern, by far, is the Church Ladie's Apron.'s such a great name -- EVERYBODY knows exactly what apron that is!!
Hey -- it's not all about sewing! Judy had a picture of her brother, and a gigantic Grizzly
GREAT picture of Mary and Judy -- two most excellent sewing friends...

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