Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Splendid Sampler™

Dear Sewing Friends,

I am working on an interview with Pat Sloan (for Inspired To Sew magazine) -- and she told me about a new project she recently launched with her friend Jane Davidson.

Here's the deal:

The Splendid Sampler™ is an internet sew-a-long...
  • 83 fabric designers have created specific blocks that feature different quilting techniques. (paper piecing, fused applique, etc.).
  • The blocks will be released each week, and are FREE to participants until March 2017. (at that time, they'll use the designs to publish a book).
  • You can use whatever fabric you like.
  • There will be pictures on their Facebook page, etc.

I love the idea of learning many quilt techniques -- one block at a time -- it seems like digestible learning. I also like the idea that there will be two new blocks every week, and I can pick and choose which blocks I make.  It's also great that you can use any fabric -- what a terrific way to use up your stash!!

I love Mary's new line of fabric, and she gifted me with a nice bundle of fat quarters during her recent visit.  I LOVE THE COLORS, and Mary's designs, so I'm going to start with that (and I have ordered more).

I asked my sewing buddies if they were interested in joining the sew-along...Even though we'd all be receiving the same patterns, it would be interesting to see how different our blocks turn out.

It will be fun to feature the Sew Along in my blog, and on the Schmetz Facebook page. Depending on how it all turns out, when it's finished, it may be an issue of the Inspired To sew magazine.

So, IF YOU WANT TO DO The Splendid Sampler™ SEW-ALONG...just check out their website, or their Facebook page.

OF COURSE you can use your own stash of quilt fabric. But if you want to use Mary's fabric, go take a look at her new line...maybe your local fabric store...or Missouri Star Quilt Company.

WONDERFUL IDEA, PAT SLOAN AND JOAN DAVIDSON...I am excited about learning so many new quilt techniques.

Pat Sloan's new line of fabric, The Sweet Life,  is also pictured on the Missouri Star Website -- click on this link

Hey -- maybe it's not too late for me. I could still become a quilter. IT COULD HAPPEN!!
C'MON...JOIN US...The Splendid Sampler™ progress reports will be my new regular Wednesday blog posts...


  1. Could you post the name of Mary's fabrics? I was unable to find it.

  2. GOOD QUESTION! It's called the Church Ladies' Apron fabric. There are five different designs, in three different color waves.