Wednesday, February 17, 2016

2015 Christmas Dress

FIRST OF ALL -- I am ALWAYS SOOO HAPPY when Christmas is over. is a month of non-stop action-packed, jam-filled days and long nights.
Lilly enjoys setting the table. She picks the plates herself.
Napkin rings are a new thing.
Thank Goodness Lilly can sit in the front seat now. So we can shop more, and fill the back seat with treasure.
Her personal favorite thing to cook was caramel corn with Cheddar Powder sprinkled on top..
Lillian and I made batches of fudge, and caramel corn, and she made a list of all the people who would receive gift tins from her. We went to a different Christmas play every week end, starting the Saturday after Thanksgiving. There were SO MANY GREAT SHOWS...

Of course, I had to make a special Christmas Dress for some of those special occasions...
In it's first life, it was a short dress, size 14...But I LOVED the bell sleeves and I saw the possibilities.
All I had to do was add some green panels on the sides, and some t-shirts, cut a little fringe...
Can you read the panel in the middle? It says...

"Right. Like You Could Find Three Wise Men."

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