Saturday, January 30, 2016

Lilly, Memphis and the Featherweights

Last year, I discovered the Singer Featherweight. Like millions of women before me -- I fell in love. The more I learned about the Featherweight, the more I wanted one. My enthusiasm was helpful in convincing Rhonda Pierce to devote an entire issue of the Schmetz digital magazine, Inspired To Sew (click on the link below) to the Fabulous Featherweight!!

Thanks to Ritaluck -- one month later, I found my own Featherweight at an estate sale ($150). I gave it to Lilly for Christmas last year. She was kind of under-whelmed. But I hoped it would be a gift she'd grow into....and one that could still be part of her life when she's my age.

This is my Featherweight...
This is my sister Ronda, who is giving me a Master Class on ragged edge flannel quilts.
Ronda WANTED A FEATHERWEIGHT. She does more sewing than anybody I know..(and I know some serious sewing types, people.) But Ronda sews every single day...for hours....she is obsessed and addicted to flannel, ragged edge blankets. WHICH REQUIRES A TON OF STRAIGHT STITCHING.

She wanted a Singer Featherweight...and as soon as her wish was clear to me, RITALUCK dropped a 1956 Model, in perfect condition -- with the book and extra bobbins. SHE WAS SO EXCITED..($250).

The week between Christmas and New Year's -- Ronda and I always do a day with our girls.
My Lilly and Ronda's Memphis...

Last year, they each made their own ragged edge flannel blankets.
Lilly picked out all the fabrics, but I did most of the sewing.

THIS YEAR, the big difference was we wanted the girls to do most of the actual sewing...
Ronda is giving the girls a tutorial. Their warm-up project was a little flannel bag...
This day was so special....but the project we picked just about whipped us. It seemed so simple in the beginning....ugh.  I could pretend it all went perfectly...but, then again -- THAT WOULD BE WRONG...

Next week, you'll see how it all turned out!!

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  1. I want a FEATHERWEIGHT too, Rita.....please, remember me if you ever find one like Ronda....with the book & everything....I'm anal about books for