Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Mary's Winter Visit!!

Mary Mulair is coming TOMORROW for her annual winter visit...and since I didn't even officially have CHRISTMAS packed away -- I've been pretty busy this week.

Carrie is coming this morning to do the second part of her "double" -- and Warren is spending the night (every Wednesday)....

We have a very action-packed visit planned!! So don't worry -- AND YOU MAY NOT HEAR FROM ME UNTIL NEXT MONDAY. 

It's just a case of being too busy LIVING a life to actually BLOG about it. Here's a post about LAST YEAR's MM winter visit...


 I like to think Mary comes here every year because of the high level of entertainment Iowa has to offer...(yes, that is sarcasm)...

The week before her visit -- the TMBC previewed an event at the German American Heritage Center.

We were just a threesome that day...Lin. P. was being a snowbird in Texas.. (pussy).
The  German American Museum in Davenport, Iowa is a WONDERFUL little museum...
This was the mini-quilt exhibit we were previewing.
AND OF COURSE I had a lot of cleaning and organizing to do at the house. Which is why IT IS SO GOOD to have guests every now and then. It forces you to TAKE A LOOK AROUND your house with new eyes.

Carrie started cleaning for me when she was 14 years old. YIKES. She reminded me the other day of the very first time Mary Mulari was coming to be a guest in my home. We were cleaning like crazy...time was running out....Carrie asked me what she should do with a big box of books? I said, "put it in the basement"....a bag of seasonal clothes?..."put it in the basement"...a rogue backpack?..."put it in the basement". After a long day of this, Carrie asked, "what happens if Mary Mulari tries to go down to the basement?"

Without any hesitation, I said, "if she opens the basement door, I'll have to push her down and start the house on fire..."

Of course, a lot has changed since that first visit. And there isn't any part of my house Mary isn't welcome to see. And maybe that's the true measure of friendship, eh? True friends can go to my basement...because I know I won't be judged.

But -- hey -- who are we kidding?? Carrie had to come do a "double" to help me get ready for Mary's visit.

Lilly's room had to be de-Princessed. And these sheets were out on the line for two days. GOD THEY SMELLED GREAT...
There were several welcome gifts waiting for her...
I always enjoy my little part of the world here in Princeton, Iowa. But there is something extra special about being able to share it with a dear friend.

ESPECIALLY when you have a cleaning lady!!

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