Friday, January 1, 2016

2016 Governing Values

There are two kinds of people in this world. Those who MAKE New Year's Resolutions -- and those who DON'T.

I fall into the latter group.  For one thing, resolutions seem to be about wishing for change...and setting myself up for failure....

Maybe I'm lazy.  Or smug.

Because I like my life.

For whatever reason -- you won't hear any New Year's Resolutions from me.

BUT, I would like to share my Governing Values. THIS is a concept I completely embrace.

In 1996, my friend Val introduced me to the Franklin Planner. Remember that workshop?  It was life-altering for me.  

That was a very busy time in my life, trying to run a business with two boys still living at home.  There were many days (and weeks, and months) when I felt like I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off.  SO MUCH WORK, SO MANY OBLIGATIONS...and I always felt guilty.  If I was home, I wished I was at work, and vice versa...

The KEY to my life was learning how to prioritize, and focus my energy on doing the things that REALLY MATTERED.  This concept changed my life. 

The road-map for this change was to establish my own, personal "Governing Values." 

For 20 years, this list has guided me.  And, with only minor changes, it still helps me.  Every day. 

  1. I love my family and I spend time with them.  I will show John he comes first, not last...
  2. I am kind.  Every single day, I will do at least one unheralded good deed.
  3. I have a positive attitude.  I try to see the upside in every situation...
  4. I am honest and direct.  I will be scrupulous in my dealings with people.
  5. I am enthusiastic.  No matter what I’m involved in, I will bring 100% of my energy.
  6. I enjoy a good sense of humor – both mine and other people’s.  I see the humor in every situation.
  7. I treasure my friends.  Each day, I will contact one friend or do one thing to enhance a relationship with somebody I care about.
  8. I try to see the other person’s point of view.  If I do not agree, I will be a good listener.  Nobody ever learned anything by talking.
  9. I am generous.  I give what I can, when I can, expecting nothing in return, and never keeping track.
  10. I am a writer.  I write every day.

So -- here's your challenge for 2016.  Every value starts with the word "I". 

The first part is the Governing Value, and the second sentence is what you will actually DO to live that value.

Really -- it ain't that easy.  Limit yourself to 10...

Think about who or what really matters to you, and then go about the business of tending that garden.

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  1. Thanks, Rita for jogging my memory. I fell in love with the Franklin Planner and Hiram Smith, the founder, about the same time as you. Although I do goal setting etc, the Franklin values kind of slipped to the back of my brain. Time to dust Governing Values off and get them down on paper.